Большинство рекомендаций разработаны Н.Г.Харлановой. Рекомендации к заданию 6 - О.В. Старновской; к заданию 10 - Н. А. Левченко; к заданиям 12,14 - О.В.Новошинцевой. Огромное спасибо авторам материалов за их труд и готовность поделиться своими трудами со всеми.



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0 #7 C++ Qt 82 05.10.2017 09:19
Can you do one on Kylie Jenner's brand? It's on its way to become
worth $1B, and i wanna know how
0 #6 Paper Pistol 30.09.2017 06:11
I wouldn't even bother looking into the company,
or the numbers, I would look into the competition and try to find a cruise company thats target group falls into 50-70's
and is successful. Then breakdown what they are doing and copy them.
If there isn't a company that fits, then your business is too narrow and need to broaden it to bring back appeal.
0 #5 Articles 29.09.2017 21:38
Please can people fill out my survey for my dissertation, it
only takes a minute.
This survey is anonymous and it is for my sociological research.
 The more people who complete the survey the better. 

0 #4 Three anti 29.09.2017 16:48
I hear voices in my head!
They come to me!
They understand!
They talk to me!
0 #3 Can a mean P. 25.09.2017 05:14
Could use the airline industry as a reference/model
and relate it to the cruise industry since airlines are always looking at how to fill their planes to max capacity before taking flight because every open seat on an airplane directly relates to loss in profit.
0 #2 PickWriters 23.09.2017 22:09
Businesses are erasing the boundaries between nations and as
a upshot, communication play the chief portion in expanding your reach as entrepreneur.

Communication, in this fact, is the wit to spell out between any language brace there is and the transfiguration services boom
has made it calm easier. You just be suffering with to make unwavering
the retinue you empower your decipherment offers adequate accommodation, which
can be verified through checking the reviews of the special one.
0 #1 колян иван 14.02.2015 09:44
Где задание 15?

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